Lost dog from Militari

PataContact: 0766623725.
Message received by e-mail:
The dog disappeared on Monday, 17th of June, 2013 in Orizont, Favorit sector 6 area. On Tuesday morning, around 2.30, I noticed he was missing. He is 10-12 years old, white with brown and black spots (speckled). The head is brown with black and white. From the withers to the beginning of the tail he is black. The tail is white, and the ears are black and brown. He has the height and constitution of a German pointer (medium to large in size, athletic constitution). He might be a cross between a German pointer and some other race. He responds to the name Pată – Pătică and he doesn’t look like his real age.
I put his earring on the right side at a vet clinic (id number 48598 sau 48599 – I called the clinic and in their records it appears that one of these two numbers is his), because the left earring had broken.
I’ve been taking care of this dog for 5 years. Please, please help me find this doggy. Reward offered.