One more tomcat in distress was picked up

Today I received a new request for help for a kitty in distress. The tomcat is crying, is in pain and is moving with dificulty. VIDEO HERE

Today he was also checked in the Dr. Bercaru Clinic. The X-ray shows that he has a fractured pelvis, so he will remain hospitalized for some time. When possible he will be castrated. Albeata, that’s the cat’s name, usually hangs around a public institution and once he recovers he will be adopted and taken home by one of the company’s employees, more precisely by the one who asked us for help for him. There is also an adult female cat we are going to sterilize next week. And she will come to our shelter together with Albeata, after she gets sterilized.

Remember that we need your help and support, so that we can help them in our turn.
Thanks in advance for your help.

UPDATE: 08.04.2020

Unfortunately, the male kitty died two days later. He had been bitten by a dog and that led to his death. The female kitty has been neutered, she is fine and will go home tomorrow.