Piculina needs help

Piculina is in trouble. Suddenly without any accident she couldn’t support herself on her posterior legs.

 After her x-rays she was diagnosed with type transitional vertebra – sacred to L7 – secondary spondylosis to L7-S2.

Her owner can’t afford to pay and asked us for help. Piculina has 3-4 years old and she is paralyzed since august 2012.Now it’s almost impossible to do anything, especially that her muscles from her posterior paws are atrophied. Meanwhile she also has bedsores on her tummy and paws so the greatest help will be a wheelchair that we ordered and last night she got it. Piculina’s wheelchair is 560 lei or 125 euros. We couldn’t refuse to her the right to have a walk that she longs for so long. SO we made this one more expense… At the end of the week Piculina will go again to the vet with her x-ray to see if it is still something that can be done.

Because we are having a lot of expenses with a lot of special cases we are asking for financial support.
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We will keep you posted about Piculina situation.
Thank you in advance for any help.