Elisa – Female dog abandoned in snow

elisa siteSomeone abandoned this female dog on a pile of snow. We don’t know what happened before she was left there but all we know is that she was had hypothermia when we found her and could not feel nor move her legs.
What kind of person could leave her there to freeze to death we cannot imagine but he certainly cannot be called ‘human’.
Elisa was taken in Robi Animal Protection association’s care and drove to City Vet clinic where the doctors concluded that she was beaten, then abandoned.
Her temperature was only 36 degrees when found. After the IV treatment, it reached 37.2 . Her condition is still unstable but we hope for the best. After a few hours inside a warm place, her breathing became regular and less agitated.
Pray for this little one for she needs some luck to make it through. We will keep you updated.
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