Diana Pura

Volunteer since 2010.

I am a volunteer for animals because I’ve always wished to do something for them. I love animals since I can remember, but I’ve always felt the need to help them even more, and this is how I got to mobilize myself and write the people from Robi Association telling them that I want to be a volunteer.

Since then, I understood that my life can be more detached, more open to things that do good and I was happier. Continue reading

Mihai Bunescu

43 years old, Delegate Notary. Volunteer since 2010.

I am a volunteer because I cannot overlook the helpless animals’ needs, because I wish to offer them decent living conditions, because somebody needs to get involved in this activity as well.

I am not looking for material advantages, and the satisfaction of the fact that I can help is enough.

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Maria si Mihnea

Maria Baniceru, 31 years old, managing director at an advertising company and Mihnea Danila, 30 years old, medical equipment service engineer. Volunteers since 2010.

Why volunteer? Because we cannot remain indifferent to the ordeals and suffering through which animals go through in today’s Romania.

Because there are too many people who hurt them and too few who try to help them. It is our duty as humans, because in most cases it is people who put animals in the critical situations from which we try to save them. Continue reading

Carol Toth

19 years old, student. Volunteer since 2011.

I’ve always liked animals, especially dogs, so one day I decided to get involved in helping them, and the Robi association offered me the occasion to spend my time with them, to help them, to work with a handful of great, energetic and very kind people.

As a volunteer, I am happy to have the chance to help these underestimated beings that are often treated with aggressiveness or indifference. I believe that each effort we do in saving and adopting stray dogs contributes to the improvement of people’s lives as well.

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Alina Elenic

25 years old. Volunteer since February 2012.

I’ve always loved animals and they are very dear to me. For me sitting next to an animal is an easy way to escape stress, worries, grief, and to feel their sincere love. I don’t know how much the animals needed me, but I think I needed them. So I stopped standing around and I chose to feel the bittersweet taste that exists in the fight to protect animal rights.

I researched what animal protection association there are and I noticed that the Robi Association is ready for action like me. Continue reading

Alina Ionescu

25 years old. Volunteer since June 2012.

The main reason that gives us all the strength to be volunteers is of course the love for animals. For me animals represent innocence, honesty, love, dedication and gratitude. This gives me strength to fight for them and to help them because I am sure I am doing this for a noble cause devoid of lies.

They are helpless in Romania and too many for so few of us, maybe if everybody would try to help at least one soul we would live in a better world for them and implicitly for ourselves. Continue reading