Beautiful tomcat needs adoption urgently

This gorgeous and gentle tomcat stayed near some flats near Obor area for 2 weeks now. A man with a big heart took him and brought him to Spiru Haret for investigations. We don’t know if he is lost or abandoned, but we know that the street is not an appropriate place for him or any animal so we hope to find him a home as soon as possible. The tomcat is around 4 years old and tomorrow will be neutered. If someone wants an affectionate and tender tomcat please contact us at

The Aviator

Dear pet owners (more precisely some of you) if you say you will love your pets please TAKE CARE OF THEM. Neuter your pets or your house will be full of puppies or kittens (for which you will write to us to take them in our care or else you will abandon them on the streets) give them minimum medical care (for example, ears scabies it’s terrible for cats) and don’t expose them to accidents. You don’t take an animal out of snobbiest or to praise with it, but to help him and give him/her a better life, safe from harm.

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We saved her, but … what is it?

Bigger than a sparrow, smaller than a baby pigeon, relatively jumpy, with a long beak and yellow on the inferior side of it. It was in the middle of a street from a neighborhood with a lot of green spaces, it couldn’t fly. I took it, of course, but we don’t have any knowledge about birds so we don’t know what is it. Is it a baby or an adult? What is he eating? For now I gave him some seeds and water and I am going outside for flies! We keep you posted.

Update: It’s probably a field fare.