Urgent, foster needed for 4 kittens.

URGENT we are searching for foster care for 4 kittens of only 4 weeks old. They were taken when they were only a few days old but they cannot remain there later the 25th of March.
     They are learning to eat wet food and to do their needs in the cat box.  For their sake they should remain at least 2 together. They need to be feed at 4-5 hours in day time so we need someone with a short or flexible schedule at work.
       Contact: asociatia.robi@gmail.com or at 0745.740.321

Urgent, foster or adoption

These pups are approximately 2 or 3 months old and they were thrown out of a car 2 days ago at the limit of a village near Bucharest. They are not wanted in the area and are in risk to be abandoned in a forest if they will not be taken from there. Please help these scared pups and together to find them a home. If you wish to adopt one of the pups or together, or if you can foster them please contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Peticel needs help

Peticel is one of the 40 cats of Mr. M

Initially I thought he has about three years but considering what is happening in his oral cavity, we are convinced that he has more years. The tomcat is not very lively considering the problems he has in the mouth and ears. From 20 March 2013 he is hospitalized and will stay quite a long time in hospital.
Peticel needs now financially support and you can help him by donating to the account: Continue reading

In Morarilor Park

RECEIVED ON MAIL! Attention! – if you stay in the area and can take pictures / videos please send them to us!

“Yesterday 21.03.2013 in Morarilor Park happened the following:

– A crew of Sector 2 City Hall surrounded the enclosures to catch the neutered dogs. They were neutered by the veterinary office that has a contract with the City District 2 and brought back into the territory. The mother was in the enclosure with another lady and their dogs, began shooting outside the cage in dogs, without regard that in the enclosure were some people with their dogs. The mother asked them to let her go because she has heart problems, but was not allowed to leave and began shooting.

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A really sad cat

We’ve never seen for a long time such resigned cat. We sincerely hope that the sad mother will come to understand how it feels to be wanted, loved, spoiled because in her eyes now you can read  A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

If you were impressed by the empty look of the young mother and want to change her life, please contact us at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Little guy in trouble

We don’t know exactly what happened with the little one from these images, but we know that he really needs your good thoughts. Today we received a message to help a Pekingese pup, who was in danger of death. The person who asked for help is a young man, with no financial possibilities but with a good heart. He told us that the puppy is in trouble and that his owners cannot afford to treat him at a vet. Continue reading

Kay needs foster

Kay must be released from the clinic and unfortunately we didn’t find a solution for him. In the shelter cannot be taken and our homes are full with other cases.
Would be a real help if someone could offer him a home until he will be adopted.
If you can help him please urgently contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com

URGENT! Foster for a female dog and 4 puppies

A mummy and 4 pups need URGENT a temporary home. They are now on a land without any construction full with garbage, surrounded with a fence. The small ones may get out through that fence and they are exposed to the risk of car accidents. We offer for them food, deparasytation, vaccines, and of course we shall promote them for adoption. The mum will be neutered as soon as she will stop feeding the pups. She is gentle. If you can provide a home for the little ones please contact us at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com