Sentenced to death by starvation

la zabreleLast night, between the clatterings of the rain, one could hear the crying of a kitten coming from the basement of a block where the air openings had just been stopped up. Everybody in the block was at home (it was 11 o’clock at night), but not one of them was at least curious to come out and see what was happening. They probably simply turned the tvs or computers louder, for the noise to stop disturbing them.

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Urgent, foster needed

catelusa tunsaThis female doggy has been found on the street today. She had a chain to her neck and was looking for food in the garbage. She was given a haircut and was neutered. As she cannot stay in the clinic and we cannot leave her on the street again, please help her with a temporary fosterhome or adopt her permanently. If you can help her, please call as soon as possible at 021/327 27 22.

Urgent- foster or adoption

Maya-micaMy name is Maya, I’m a little girl only one month and a half old who urgently needs a loving family. Playful, but also well behaved, I promise to grow up to be a small to medium sized doggy. For the moment I’m dewormed and I’m waiting to start my vaccination schedule.

Paralyzed dog for adoption. URGENT!

The doctors gave an unfortunate diagnostic: the dog will not be able to walk again on his back legs. At this moment he doesn’t let himself to be helped, and tries to bite. If anybody is willing to take him and care for him for his future years, please give us an e-mail at . 
We cannot take care of him and cannot let him suffer on the streets, so he is either adopted or unfortunately he will be euthanized.

Urgent! Abandoned cat for adoption

If you are the owner of a flat and you rent it to a person with a pet, you risk to be left with the pet when your tenant leaves. That’s what happened to a lady  who allowed her tenant to keep a cat. The tenant left and let his cat behind, in the flat. The lady called us and asked for our help to promote the cat and find a responsible family for her. The cat will be neutered in the Robi program on the 21st of May and after that she will be available for adoption. Continue reading

Husky Cross and 2 puppies – for adoption

While the authorities are busy inventing the most absurd solutions to reduce the number of stray dogs, for instance trying to pass a law to fine (5000 RON) the people that feed the strays, irresponsible owners continue to abandon their animals without fear of being fined at all, even though for this crime called ABANDONMENT there is an article of legislation and a right punishment: PRISON, according to the Law for the protection of animals no 9/2008. Continue reading

What are they guilty of?

cei-6-abandonatiSix beautiful scared innocent souls have been abandoned by a heartless person. We might call them lucky because someone found them and fostered them for two days.

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