Little Mathias

How we picked him? Simple we saw from the road two girls playing at the limit of a village on the field with ‘something’. From our experience ‘something’ small, in the middle of the road or in the hands of people is almost every time an animal. Our hearts start to beat faster, we approach to see what is all about hoping in the same time is only a regular object.. but this time it wasn’t just a bag.

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The mother found on a field needs help

The news are not very good. Mommy is becoming weaker and she cannot take care properly of the puppies. Especially now when the bodyguards that are nearby a have brought another three puppies of two weeks old, find on the field. Although faint, the heroine mother adopted them.

Unfortunately, the puppies are becoming weaker, some of them did not developed properly and the milk is becoming less.

They urgently need foster or a heated garage, where the mother can receive consistently good food and the puppies to be kept under observation. In the current situation, their chances decrease day by day.

Help please, Donate!

It’s cold and rainy outside and our cats are huddling. Although they have a heater inside, they are still outside enjoying a little bit of sun. For us autumn comes with worries. The gas and electric bills are raising and they must be paid on time, the yard is full of pits and it’s very hard to clean it, therefore we need to have it consolidated or to find a more lasting solution for it.

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Lord give me a home!

Hey you, who got out of a car and start hitting me with a crowbar in the head and left me there….please tell me what have I done wrong? Do you know that because of this you ruined my life and I can hardly see now? Do you think I will survive like this, on the side of the road? God, please forgive his madness, but I am also asking from the bottom of my heart please find me a home!

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Could we refuse Annika’s chance for a normal life?

Everyday we receive messages regarding helping cats, dogs which need a house, treatments or others. Our funds are more than limited; practically the donations we receive help us to take care of the animals saved by now and to help others as well. Beside these animals for which we try to improve their life, we try as well to neuter as many animals because it is the only way to change the current situation.

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