Tobi Tobitza arrived in the shelter

Tobi,  was released today from the clinic and unfortunately for him was taken to the shelter. 
Because we have no free spots we asked for help at our colleagues from ‘A doua Sansa Association’ and they offered us a place. He cannot remain here for a long time because in case of a heavy snow he could be burried under the snow. So we need to find a temporary home for Tobi for approximately 1 month. 
If you can shelter him or wish to adopt him please contact us at

Oldie looking for foster for the coming winter

This female dog is approximately 8 years old and appeared in the yard of a company where the dogs are not allowed so she won’t last for long there. She is very calm, is sterilized and has a problem at one leg, maybe because of an accident and the leg fixed itself in a bad position. Because we do not wish for her to be taken outside on a field or next to other dogs that are more powerful than her we hope that someone will offer her temporary shelter, a nice quiet place for her where she can stay in peace. Even if she is not a puppy anymore she will offer you all the love she has but she needs help. Continue reading

7 months old female dog for adoption

This little girl was found today wandering disoriented somewhere in Bucharest. She was spayed today and will soon be vaccinated. She is only 7 months old and already has an impressive height for her age. She will grow larger. She’s beautiful, kind and sociable and in great need of a foster, if no one will come forward to permanently adopt her.
If you can provide her a shelter, even a temporary one, please let us know by writing to:

Whitey needs foster for 6 days

Do you remember Whitey the dog that was hit in the head?
Well, he is in foster care until he will be adopted and proved to be a very good and obiedient dog, that doesn’t ask for much. He was trimmed because he had a mycosis, but the cold doesn’t bother his too much when he knows that he is protected now.

Because the person that fosters him now is leaving from town for a few days, we need a new foster since Tuesday morning until Sunday Continue reading

Will Dolly get home?

Dolly is a female dog taking by us when she was just a little and beautiful puppy. Now she is grown up and still beautiful, she was liked by a lady from Great Britain. We are worried about the cost of transport but more worried about Dolly’s behavior, because she is a shy. She is not aggressive but she doesn’t stay to be pet and loved. For this reason we need help. Continue reading

Keep me away from friends, because i manage to keep myself away from enemies

 We are overcrowded and the growing number of animals from the shelter means worst life for the animals who had been taken from the streets earlier. In the conditions when only two or three dogs are adopted in one month in Romania, you can realise that there are not enough space for the dogs we take monthly from the street. We asked for help in many cases when we couldn’t take the animals, a thing to blame of course, and it seems that people refuse  to understand our situation.

Continue reading

Pray for her life

Update: Unfortunately the cat didn’t survive. She had internal bleeding

This kitten was the victim of the neighborhood dogs. Someone saw the cat in the yard of a block and called us to ask what can be done in her case. The cat was taken into our care and she is hospitalized at Spiru Haret but her situation isn’t very sure. The kitten is still in shock, she has hypothermia and we do not know if she passes through the night. Please pray for her.

District 3 got onto a lot of press released

In the last week were poisoned many dogs from District 3 of Bucharest, in different areas.

The Mayor of this District denies any implication in these murders, yet is hard to believe that a man walked in all these different areas and threw poison food on the streets. And after 3 hours a truck from REBU came to pick up the dead dogs, although in these areas REBU doesn’t pick up the garbage every day.

Local and international Press posted these news but no one was found guilty. The law for animal protection exists(Law no.9/2008),why doesn’t apply in this case? Continue reading

Found dog

Please share! Robi’s volunteers found on 6 of November in Bucharest, Tineretului area, a female dog common race ,brown with a white spot on her chest, a yellow badge on her ear and a medical collar around her neck. We suppose she is in medical treatment and possible lost from a veterinarian. Also we are searching a temporary foster for her until we will find her owner. Unfortunately we don’t have any room for her. Contact 0721.215.882(Orange) or