Three legged kitten needs foster

URGENT! We ask for help regarding temporary shelter for a kitten that will remain with 3 paws. If you can provide shelter for her please contact us at

You can read her story here:

‘I write you for a kitten with an accident. Although, the vet that saw her 1 month ago said she is paralyzed, she managed to stand on one back leg… and runs off every time I enter in the yard to catch her. Continue reading

Robi Volunteers and the dogs in death danger

Because nobody thought to sterilize a female dog cuthberted in a neighborhood full of cottages, the little one brought into this world 2 rows of puppies. From the first birth survived 4 puppies, 3 females and a male. The female dog has now another row of puppies, 5 puppies who are about one month old. From all those wealthy people neither one did anything to protect them from the terrible frost.
Their luck was as a young mother (a lady with a baby), she saw them and although, the distance to her house was more than one kilometer, she began to take them daily food and dare to improvise a shelter. Continue reading

Sandy needs foster for a month

 Sandy had refused eating so the doctors had to put her on IV perfusions. She also had an ecography to determine what causes the blood in her urine. The results showed that she has several blood clots in her bladder, but the liver and stomach are otherwise fine. A few hours after the IV fluids she started eating again. She’ll stay at the clinic until she feels better, but then she needs a temporary foster home, for about a month, until she’ll be able to leave for her forever home, in the Netherlands.
Please, can anyone help foster her in Bucharest for about a month?

Change fear in hapiness with foster

Lipi and Rock are 2 puppies taken soon from a forest and because of the lack of places they ended up in the shelter. What do you read in their eyes?
It is fear! They do not know that people can offer them caress, love and a better life. They don’t know yet that they don’t need to worry about tomorrow. Help us showing them what a family means.
If you have a house with a bit of free space where to keep them, talk to them, caress them, and offer them a life at which they cannot even dream please contact us at . Continue reading

I could have died if ….

I don’t remember the day when I was born. I know only that I’m old. I don’t remember neither if I had or not a home. What I remember is that I could die if a man with a soul would not have compassion on me.
I was frozen, dehydrated and almost dead when I felt the warm hand of a man that took me in his arms.
Then I got to the hospital where the doctors gave me first aid. Neither have they believed that I’ll survive and it was natural to think that given the state they found me.
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Rock and Lipi need URGENTLY a foster

Rock and Lipi needs urgently temporary foster. They were taken 3 days ago from Ciolpani forest and were hosted until now in a house under construction. Unfortunately, from December 20, they must move because the workers are leaving  and no one remains there (the house is outside Bucharest).

Help them not reach in the streets… again.

The three wises from east

Update: the three arrived for 4 days at a friend’s under construction house. They are very obedient and were internal dewormed.
They are extremely scared and are shaking continuously. They need a warm house, but unfortunately, for now, this is what we could do.
Although in the pictures they seem big, in reality they are much smaller. We have four days to change their fate…

The three little ones are fresh “fished” from a forest near Bucharest. They are not the most beautiful dogs, not even special, but nevertheless they hope to have a chance, no matter how small.

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