The fall edition of Sofisticat ended

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Sofisticat. Robi kitties impressed by their beauty and personality. Some even won  diplomas and others some hearts. Java promises to become a great model, but do not worry, the other cats learn quickly. We hope to meet again in a greater number and very faster. Until then our furry can be adopted by sending an email to

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Robi Association at Sofisticat

The most sophistiCATed tenants from Asociatia Robi made sensations today to “Fall Feline Exhibition”. Beyond her obvious beauty, for which she gained a prize, Java conquered a lot of hearts, most of all because of her special personality. And we assure you that the other Robi cats are no inferior to her. If you want to meet them, and why not, to adopt them, we are waiting you tomorrow to Romexpo, F pavilion – Fall Feline Exhibition between 10.00-18.00.

Mirciulica is home at his new family

I know you like good news, well Mirciulica found his home! How is our brave tomcat doing? He was very nice and relaxed on his first night home, he purred, clean himself, played and behaving like a happy cat. We think he is still thinking of his play friend Fumi but he is happy he found a family. We also keep our fingers crossed for the other cats, big or small, they all deserve a family.

Hope found a home

The luck for Hope is Mitze Catze, a lady dear to our heart who we thank for taking the unfortunate cat home. We eagerly wait for Hope’s photos in her new home, a home she dreamed about for such a long time. We already received some wonderful news. Thank you Mitze Catze for giving Hope the life she always wanted.

My dower

Some flees, a little dirt in my ears, uncertainty of tomorrow, fear for today when I was chased from the family I thought is mine, that’s my dower.

 I am still shocked and I will never understand why people do that to animals. Why they let us come in this world and then throw us like garbage? What they imagine, we can handle ourselves alone in the streets? Did they have any idea what is happening with us in the streets, how much pain we feel?

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Bela needs foster or adoption

Bella has only 500 grams, minor ear mites and an eye problem. She had dozens of fleas which she got rid of such as she got rid of internal parasites. Today she has been at the vet and there were good news, her tiny eye and ear problems will be fixed soon.

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