Message to the Bucharest City Hall

Dear Bucharest Mayor,

When will we be able to congratulate you like we congratulated the Mayor of Oradea on his initiative?

Oradea City Hall announced it will promote a regulation concerning the neutering/spaying of dogs on private and public property during a local council meeting on October 23. According to this regulation, owners whose pets are 6 months or older will be required to neuter/spay their animals, with the following exceptions:

1. Dogs unable to undergo surgery for medical reasons

2. Working dogs assisting disabled individuals

3.   If the dog owner pays a $100 yearly fee per dog. This money will be used to support dogs in local shelters. Continue reading

Goodbye Romania, glad to be in Germany

Ica, Alice, Migle, Bindi, Jinx, Tara and Hannah left our “sweet”  Romania that didn’t want them for the sunny Germany that offers them a better life. We already have news about them and our furry guys have arrived safely there.
We are glad that other nations choose to offer a better life to our dogs even if they are not bred, little or fluffy. As you can see we sent there not only puppies but also adult dogs, small and medium size, different colors, different personalities.

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Yoda, a new happy tail

Yoda sends his warmest regards to Robi Association. He has his own house now, where he is spoiled and loved by those who decided o adopt him when he was just a small ball of fur

Do you know the parents of your breed puppy?

What you can see in this picture are the parents of your 6 weeks old pup that you bought from the ones that bring dogs of all kind of breeds, all year long, the price is between 100-300 euros. These dogs are living in these terrible conditions, a lot are imported from Hungary, Ukraine, brought in crowded vans, not vaccinated, not deworm, poor things, full of flees, scabies, parvo virus, starved, dirty.

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Mother, my heart beats only for you

Dear mom Versania Brutaru, I am not sure you understood how much I love you so I decided to write you here so everybody can see my confession. I hope now, my dear mom, you are convinced that my heart belongs to you. Me and Bruni are very happy to be together and also for having the best, beautiful and loving mom in the whole world. We also love Grandma as much as we love you and I don’t know what we will do without her.

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Emily got home

Emily has finally arrived home. Our little kitty was liked by a very nice and determined young lady who wanted to take her home as quickly as possible. Nicky, her new owner, already sent us the first news about her and for now the situation is good. We still have to see how the family tomcat will welcome her in the family. We are hoping he will like her and that there will be no problems. Be well, our beautiful ladies, and don’t forget to send news as much and as often you can