Nora, the wild cat is thanking Cristina B

I’m Nora, one of the wild cats in the care of Robi Association. For a long time, I have a guardian angel which adopted me from distance and she never forget to send the donation for me.
My angel is called Cristina B., and I want to say hi and wish her well because she has good care of me.
Happy Holidays Cristina and may all your wishes come true.
Forever yours Nora.

For Christmas, make a furry happy

Time is going, time is coming and many puppies are still waiting in the shelter a soul to offer them a home. Many have never had a Christmas before, and their hopes to reach their homes and see the lights in the Christmas tree and what Santa brings are decreasing every day.

The chances to be adopted decreases every month because they grow and people are looking for puppies. Yet hope dies last and we hope they will capture at least some hearts.

Therefore we present you in this album puppies under one year that worth celebrate their first Christmas properly, in a family. Continue reading

Life went to the doctor again

Today, Life was, once again, in the attention of the doctors. They think that Life is recoverable, and that largely his condition is due to the lack of food for a long period of time, leading to loss of muscular mass. I showed her the radiographs, but she told me that she would like to make him another radiograph on the middle portion of the spine (where he has a large curve-there she admits the fact that it might be a compaction because of the body position) and at pelvic bones, because she wants to be sure that nothing is cracked, broken, or poorly welded.

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Gita and Tiny feel well in the new house

Gita, the black kitty, and Tiny, the small sized dog, with problems on the locomotion system, moved in a new house. Even though Gita was initial restless, and tried several times to run away, she understood quickly that this was her new home, and she rushed to reserve the favorite spot near the radiator. Tiny was so excited, that she didn’t dare to move from her bed, so that nobody could take her place.
Thank you for the gifts brought for our little ones. As you can see, they are more than useful, and very appreciated by their beneficiaries.
Both Gita and Tiny hope to be adopted. If you are thinking of this, please contact us at

Saly moved in the new house as well

Saly had a good behavior in his new house. He had no stress, carefully investigating everything, he sat on everything he could and finally, after he ate a bit, he lay on a fluffy mattress and pay no attention to us.

He was delighted with his new home, as well, but he still hopes that one day someone will take him home. It’s an extremely good tomcat and we hope that we will soon receive requests for his adoption.

If you want him please write to us at

For Java, the Christmas will be full of joy

Today 18 December 2012, it was a lucky day for Java. She went to her house where she expects to be spoiled and have a wonderfully life.  The owners are thrilled with their little girl and Java immediately understood that she met the family of her dreams in a short time. She started to purr for pleasure and to kiss them as only she knows.

Thank you dear adopters for taking our precious little cat… We wish you well and we wait news about the little one.

Toys for Robi babies

Robi kitties were very good and they wonder if Santa forgotten them. They hope that Santa will take care of their new house, which is under construction and needs to be finished until the holidays. They hope to get toys and furniture, and now are planning to write a letter to Santa to remind him what they would like for holidays.

If Santa asks you where he could find them, please tell him to search at

Thank you. Happy Holidays!

Little walks

About two months ago we said that “She didn’t even walk well on the way of life and bad luck followed her. Little, the little black dog was injured and after the impact ended up with a rupture of  vertebral body. She cannot move his hindquarters but she feels her paws and that saved the little one from euthanasia. For now she is hospitalized at Spiru Haret where she will stay a long period for treatment and recovery.

Unfortunately, doctors cannot guarantee that she will get better and could walk. We hope with all our heart that the treatment will help her so that Little could romp again. ” At that time, many doctors recommended us euthanasia.

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