HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Aki and Orlando

Hoping that you haven’t forgotten our little ones, they send you a big “Happy New Year!” They were adopted together last year and that brought a lot of  joy for us. We once again thank the adopters for taking them both, and we wish them only the best And for you, our dear friends, we wish you a very good year. Aki and Chi (ex Orlando), 2 happy kittens

Uma has a dream life in Romania

A year ago Uma was adopted by an A+ grade family.
Uma is a female dog who pulled the jackpot in Romania, here’s what her masters tell us:”Uma has become a part of our lives, we do not know how we could live without her. She’s so cheerful and funny, and loves us so much … And so we love her.
Already we cannot leave her alone, we took her with us everywhere: on the mountains ,to the sea side, in trips, to visit our friends, at our relatives’. Continue reading

Dolly is in foster

On her way towards home Dolly managed to make a short stop at Iasmina. We thank Iasmina and her mom from the bottom of our hearts for the help given. It seems that Dolly appreciates their effort and give them her trust. We are waiting impatiently to see what progress is making our beautiful female dog.

Sookie the warrior

Do you remember Sookie, the cat left at a clinic in a package to be incinerated? You for sure remember the surprise the doctors had when instead of a corps they found a small and very alive kitten.
As you know, the little one was taken by us and recently was adopted. Here she is at her home, in action, when playing some cat games.
Laura, the person that we cannot only say it is Sookie’s adopter, but our friend knows how thrilled we are when receiving news with the adopted pets, so she sends us photos and news all the time. Our joy is too big not to share it with you, our friends and supporters of the animals we have in our care.
Thank you dear friends,
Happy holidays.

Round cats

Your cat is not in her shape anymore? Maybe it is funny when she rolls over, but it is not healthy

Take good care of your furry so that she can live happy for a long time.

Sourse: Petz.ro

Do you remember Fluffy and Soft?

Now they are called Fify and Felix. Look what wrote Corina about them:

They increased and also gained a little weight. Fify was 550 grams when I took her and now has 1250, and Felix doubled its weight from 800 grams to 1600. You can see that the vitamins are helping them. Also have a shiny fur. It’s not so long and not so fluffy, but now they are changing the baby coat and will have a new one. They even started to change their teeth and are toothless in front.

Continue reading

Dodo is now at his home where is nice and warm

Dodo is one of our puppies who had the chance to be adopted despite the fact that he has only three paws. The little one was in the care of Miss Vali Elefterie since he was a puppy. After  his paw was  amputated, he was brought into the  shelter where he didn’t stay too much.

Here he is now at his home, safe from bad weather with all the love and care of a family from Germany who adopted him.

We wish them with all our heart a long and good life.