The dog shelter from Unirea, Braila – an extermination camp

Message received via e-mail:

The situation at the dog shelter Unirea Braila is dramatic. As mostly everywhere in Romania, a general situation in our public shelters, the money disappears when it comes to use them for the benefit of the animals collected. The animals are in great pain and suffering worse than nightmares.

A story full of sadness that broke my soul and that describes the tragedy that’s happening at the Unirea Shelter for a long time. The story was e-mailed by a young 16 year old girl from Braila, Dia, who had to go there to save an innocent soul, to escape him, to take him away from the claws of hell.

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A small puppy needs URGENTLY a foster

Small, alone, abandoned in front of a supermarket, this tiny girl of only 3-4 months is in great risk to end up in front of the speeding cars that pass only a few meters from the pen with old rags and cardboards where she was abandoned, and from where she can easily get out of. A homeless woman feeds her from time to time. The little girl wags her tail every time somebody looks at her, but the rain makes her run back in her cardboard box.

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Titza is in Robi’s care over three years

Titza is one of the cats we captured in 2009 from the 1Mai terrace.
She is in our care for more then 3 years and because she is half wild we didn’t managed to find her a suitable adopter that is capable to have patience with her. She was adopted at a certain time by somebody that liked her, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough patience to make her understand what for her is hard to understand , meaing that you can have total trust in some people.

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Tomitza is a happy tail

Do you remember about the cats born in a basement that lost one or both eyes? Tomitza had a lot of luck and was liked by Olivia that adopted him. We are happy every time we receive news from her and we thank her that she doesn’t forget us.
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