Always together no matter how hard it is

Like you know, we struggle for some years to save as many death endangered animals as possible. It is hard to pass them by and ignore them, but it is even harder to take them and offer decent conditions to them. In order to be able to realize this objective we need a lot of money that, of course, we don’t have. So we need to improvise and use any kind of resources to offer the little ones we save the security of tomorrow.

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Welcome Olivia! Farewell Ben and Shrek!

Who is Olivia?

She is a good friend that since she knew our goals couldn’t just stay and do nothing. She founded an association that has the purpose of promoting the dogs we take care of and finding right families for them. This is her scope and we can say she succeeded. Tens of animals found the life of everybody’s dreams, due to Olivia. She is very careful at details and this make her so successful in the adoptions she mediated. Thank you Olivia because you exist, because you are a good friend of our animals and thank God we met you. Continue reading

Why did you abandon me?

Why did you abandon me, you heartless woman? Did you know that in so doing you were risking a prison sentence? Do you think that you will be left unpunished? Well you are wrong! Look what is waiting for you:

According to the Law no. 9/2008 you have committed a crime when you abandoned me.

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Snow is urgently looking for an owner!

Snow is a very beautiful, but unlucky girl.

After she was abandoned at one month of age, we took her in our care and, as she was a pretty puffy little white puppy, she was adopted almost immediately.

Unfortunately our joy was short lived, as three months after her owner decided he was too lazy to take her for walks two times a day. So she was returned to us.

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Gigel, uptown boy

How did a dog which lost all hope of a normal life get to be called Boy of Magheru?

The answer is relatively simple. A pinch of attention, a drop of feeling, a little effort – or maybe a little more – and the transformation has occurred.

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Thrown over the fence

It is hard to believe that people can turn on to all kind of ideas when they want to get rid of their animals. This blind, old and very week dog was abandoned in a yard, after it was thrown over a 2 meters high fence.

You don’t want to know what he wished for the person that was capable of such gesture. We hope that those wishes get to the person that did this.

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