A difficult case. Spartacus needs help.

spartacusOn a Saturday night, a dog was gravely injured. Someone asked for help and a handful of young people came to rescue.
Helping a dog in his condition is anything but easy ( broken pelvis and tow broken legs).
It requires transportation to a non stop vet clinic (Saturday night, remember?) and, of course, expenses for treatment and recovery if possible.
As we mentioned, those young people decided to help him and Spartacus’ rescue could have never been possible without them. It only took several hours and desperate efforts.
From now on, we take responsibility for him as we decided to take him in our care. The not very sociable Spartacus is at Clinica Armeneasca vet Continue reading

Why did you poison me?

catelul otravitI was poisoned. I am not the first nor the last animal who has ths fate in Romania. I was terribly sick, twitching unconsciously on the sidewalk but I was lucky enough that someone noticed me and asked for help. And this is how I got to be in Robi’s care and taken to the vet immediately. I was very lucky. Now I am ok so I arrived at the shelter. Robi still owes 420 ron to the clinic, the price of saving my life.
If you wish to help them raise these money, please donate:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi
CIF 13765439 BCR 2 
Cont RON: BCR 2 RO16RNCB0073049952070001 
Cont EURO: BCR 2 RO05RNCB0073049952070005 
Cont USD: BCR 2 RO32RNCB0073049952070004 
or by PayPal (available at www.4animals.ro)

If you wish to take me home you couldn’t make me happier so please send an email at asociatia.robi@gmail.ro named I WISH TO ADOPT HE POISONED DOG

Way, between life and death

wayThree days ago, this dog was hit by a reckless driver. She agonized a whole day long without anyone coming to her aid. On the second day, she got lucky and was noticed by the young man who asked for our help.
We took her and brought her to City Vet clinic where she received medical care:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=513579495416662
Her chances of survival are extremely slim. Way is in a coma for the most part of the time. She has a head injury and cannot fully coordinate her left side of the body. She sleeps most of the time, cannot walk and cannot keep her head up for more than several minutes but shows some progress. Continue reading

Special Case. Spartacus needs help.

radiografieLast Saturday wasn’t a pleasant one for Spartacus. He wrestled with the wrong animal and he got 3 bad fractures.

Spartacus (who was named so by his saviors) is now under the care of Robi’s Dog Shelter and he stays at the clinic Armeneasca, where he was hospitalized on Saturday night. In here he will go to surgery and he will be taken care of. 

‘ha! ha! ha! here’s what a man can do at 3 o’clock in the morning… I went with my son, Andreea Pisik and Medeea Barabanciu to pick up a puppy from Crangasi, which was hit by a car. Continue reading

Oldie’s trip.

moshulcaThis is Mosulica’s (Oldie’s) story. The dog lived all of his life (15 to 20 years) at Titan depot, Bucharest. He had an accident and because he received no medical care, the bones healed wrong. Later on, he had a new serious accident and we were called and asked to help.

We took Mosulica / Oldie in our care, took him to the vet where underwent surgery and then returned him to his lifetime home. But he couldn’t stay there anymore so he arrived in our Robi’s shelter. He was promoted for adoption and THE WONDER HAPPENED! Continue reading

SPECIAL CASE. Amor- dog hit by car on purpose.

amorA few days ago we received a request for help for a dog with a broken leg. The dog used to sleep under stationed cars and had the bad luck of sleeping under the car of a dog hater. The dog hater also had a habit. That of hurting dogs whenever he got the chance. So Amor (we named him Amor for he is the gentlest dog we’ve met) woke up when the wheel of the car ran over his leg. That was very painful so Amor ran far away from that place. Continue reading