Dodo-lina has been operated.

dodolina operataWho is Dodo, what has happened to her and how she got to be in our care you can find out by clicking on the link .

She had the surgery and is now three-legged. Meanwhile, we figured out what eactly happened to her. Her tail and leg were caught in a wire/string and because of her struggle to set herself free, she managed to rip her tail off and injure her leg so bad that it had to be amputated.
On top of all this, she is also suffering off demodex and is receiving treatment. Dodo-lina is feeling well after the surgery but her skin is very itchy because of the demodex so she is always scratching. She will soon get rid of this disconfort.

If you wish to foster or virtually adopt Dodo, please contact us:

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Spartacus needs help

spartacusSpartacus had the misfortune of being hit by a car that broke both his roght side legs and his pelvis. This happened on a Saturday night. A few young people decided to help and as a result, he was taken in our care.

He was hospitalized at Armeneasca clinic and had surgery on both his legs

Soon, Spartacus will be discharged and is in urgent need of a isolated and warm place to stay. Because he is not sociable and doesn’t trust people, Spartacus needs someone with a lot of patience and understanding. Continue reading

Dodo, beaten and chased on the Ploiesti city streets

dodolinaDodo is, actually, a girl. Today she was taken to City vet where she was examined. The conclusion is that the leg must be amputated because it cannot be saved. She is now in surgery for the amputation of the leg, ripped tail and will also be spayed. Keep your fingers crossed for this little one. We will keep you updated.
As soon as we arrived at the clinic, she got comfy under a chair as if she knew she was going to stay there for a while.

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Look her in the eyes and say NO.. if you can

dodolinaEvery week we receive requests to help animals from Bucharest and not only. The possibilities are more than limited, and the truth is that we have lots of debts for the animals which we are taking care of and the ones that are still hospitalized. This time, the help request came from a person in Ploiesti:
“A few days ago, I saw a puppy in my way to work. I was shocked by the way he looked like… it was obvious that he had been tortured… he had his tail cut off… the back paw was useless.. he was practically dragging it… it was very swollen. Continue reading

Little One in need for help

pisicuta vai de eaA new help request for a little animal in deadly danger means, most of the times, another animal brought under our care. This is exactly what happened to the little kitty which was found in a deplorable state. The kitty was brought to City Vet a few days ago, but her chances of being cured seemed to be low. After a few days of treatment, the frail kitty seemed to be recovering well. If the situation evolves as we are expecting, the kitty will need foster or adoption. If you want to help or adopt her, please contact us at The kitty also needs financial support and you can help her by donating Continue reading

Sky and his surgery

skyWe are sure you remember Lucky Sky’s story, the little dog that was lucky enough to be found by our volunteer Alina E. 
If you don’t know his story, click here:

As a result of our request for foster or forever home we received loads of responses. We decided to give Sky to Panduru family and, fortunately, it proved to be the right choice. Today, Sky underwent surgery to have his partial leg amputated and we were happy to see that the entire family came with him for support. Continue reading