Special case. Lory is in urgent need of help.

LoryLory is a small dog the size of a cat and was found on a road in Oltenita city.
This little had a gangrenous leg so she was taken by her rescuers to a clinic to have it amputated. Lory was very distressed with this idea and, with no known reason, began chewing on her other leg. She was taken to the vet again and treated but at home began chewing on it again. Because her rescuers had no solution for her, asked for our help. Lory arrived at City Vet where she had her leg treated and was given a medical cone that she wears ALL THE TIME. Continue reading

Special case. Lola – for adoption

lolaLast Saturday we received a call for help for a dog with a broken leg.
The dog was taken in our care and hospitalized at Armeneasca clinic. Fortunately, the dog who is, in fact, female has no broken leg even it seems so at first sight. She cannot use her leg even though it’s not broken. She also appeared to have Carre’s disease but it turns out she only shows the sequelae of it.
This chubby dog doesn’t seem to be ill at all even though she shows no interest in dog kibble and can food but loves some ham. We don’t know where she used to roam as she is spayed and has a ear tag so we hope someone recognizes her and tells us about her feeding habits.
If you know her or wish to adopt her the way she is (unffunctional leg and the slight tremble of her legs), please contact us: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Special case. Max needs your help!

MAxA new cry for help usually means a new dog that is brought and left in our care. This is how Max has come to be one of the dogs we take care of. Someone asked for help in his case because this gentle dog had a broken leg. He was hospitalized and had the surgery at Dr Bercaru vet clinic. Max needs financial support and, of course, a forever home after he is fully recovered. He is a young, large sized, neutered (a bonus thanks to dr Bercaru kindness), gentle and sociable dog.
If you wish to adopt him, please contact us: asociatia.robi@gmail.com Continue reading

Special case. Old dog in need of help.

catel batranA few days ago we were asked to help an old dog that refused to move or eat. He was taken by our volunteer, Mona, to City Vet to be examined. The dog was in a critical state, probably bitten by other dogs and his wounds got so infected that he was close to septicemia. Besides this, he also had a surgery for a nasty hernia that could have also been caused by the numerous bites. His condition is not stable yet but we remain optimistic about his recovery. Continue reading

Special case. Is Lucky lucky?

catel lovitWe can honestly say that we no longer know the difference between good luck and bad luck. Why do we say this? Because, often, the mere bad luck of one animal may actually become good luck by increasing his chances of being noticed. A healthy animal draws no one’s attention, no one rushes to adopt it and, most of the times, the animal ends up getting caught by dogcatchers or killed.
Lucky got lucky and it seems that it’s not the first time it happens either. Sometime before he was found lying motionless on the highway, he got his leg broken but was taken to the vet and got it fixed as it shows in the x rays. How come he was left to wander again and got into another car accident is unknown.
This time, his rescuers cannot afford the vet costs so they asked for our help.
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SOCIAL CASE. 18 cats with only one chance to life: ADOPTION

pisicile 18They are beautiful, most of them are docile and old and are in urgent need of help. All of the cats have been taken from the streets by a person that cannot keep them inside the house so with the help of another elderly person are kept in a small, dark, cold and highly unhygienic storehouse. Their protector recently underwent a surgery for cancer and visits them daily for food but that is all that she can do.

Unfortunately, our foster care possibilities have run out so we can only help with food, litterbox sand, medicines and promoting their case in hope of adoption.

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