Special case. Is Lucky lucky?

catel lovitWe can honestly say that we no longer know the difference between good luck and bad luck. Why do we say this? Because, often, the mere bad luck of one animal may actually become good luck by increasing his chances of being noticed. A healthy animal draws no one’s attention, no one rushes to adopt it and, most of the times, the animal ends up getting caught by dogcatchers or killed.
Lucky got lucky and it seems that it’s not the first time it happens either. Sometime before he was found lying motionless on the highway, he got his leg broken but was taken to the vet and got it fixed as it shows in the x rays. How come he was left to wander again and got into another car accident is unknown.
This time, his rescuers cannot afford the vet costs so they asked for our help.
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SOCIAL CASE. 18 cats with only one chance to life: ADOPTION

pisicile 18They are beautiful, most of them are docile and old and are in urgent need of help. All of the cats have been taken from the streets by a person that cannot keep them inside the house so with the help of another elderly person are kept in a small, dark, cold and highly unhygienic storehouse. Their protector recently underwent a surgery for cancer and visits them daily for food but that is all that she can do.

Unfortunately, our foster care possibilities have run out so we can only help with food, litterbox sand, medicines and promoting their case in hope of adoption.

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Blanca needs financial support

blancaRecently, we received a call for help for a female dog that has been on antibiotics for vaginal discharge for the last year. The doctors that saw her said she has pyometra and should be put to sleep. Her owner could not bring herself to do so and decided to try the antibiotics treatment. The discharge didn’t stop after a long period of treatment so he followed an unconventional treatment with kefir. Continue reading

She is his GOD. Grief has special needs.

griefOn the way to the shelter, I saw a person kneeling down in a ditch and petting something. I thought to myself “this doesn’t look good” so I stopped, turned around and saw that my fear was justified. The lady was sitting next to an injured dog trying to find a solution for him. The solution was on its way because she must have a heart of gold as she chose to spend her time helping a dog in need.

We named the dog Grief. He was probably hit by a car the day before or during this morning. 
Grief was taken immediately in our care and transported to dr.Bercaru’s clinic where he was hospitalized and investigated. Continue reading