Special case. Lizette, dog with broken femur

lizzetteThe little female dog was hit by a careless and indifferent driver. After he hit her, he just continued driving. Luckily for her, there are still big hearted people out there and they asked for our help.
Lizette was hospitalized at Bercaru’s clinic and had a surgery. Untill monday, she will remain hospitalized but after that, she will need foster care or to be adopted. Lizette is small size and seems to be one year old. Continue reading

Special case. Dog with broken pelvis.

catelusa pelvisLast week was a really bad one for the dog we are presenting in this album. She was the victim of an accident and, as a result, her pelvis was shattered. She has a co-femoral dislocation, disjunction and sacroiliac fracture ilium, ischium and pubius.
The female dog was hospitalized and had a surgery at dr Bercaru’s clinic. The surgery was extremely difficult and the doctors are reserved about her recovery and being able to walk again. We hope things will go well and she will be fully recovered. Continue reading

News in Labus’ case

labus 4Labus was taken in foster care by a wonderful family whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts. As expected, Labus gets along great with the family dog and is very well behaved, walks on a leash and is gentle and calm indoors.

Unfortunately, after the antibiotics treatment, Labus must undergo a surgery to remove the metal plate in his leg. One of the screws is pressing on the intestine (also causing constipation) and maintains the leg infection.

Send him your kind thoughts.
We will keep you updated on his condition.

Special case. Waldo needs your help.

waldoWaldo was found rather dead than alive by a lady who asked for our help. The tomcat was either hit by a car or brutally beaten. He has a broken leg, his ears are tore apart and has multiple fight wounds on his face from encounters with other cats most probably. We have no idea for how long he agonized by the side of the road until someone stopped to help him.
His condition is now stable and he is still hospitalized at City Vet clinc for further investigations and the surgery for the broken leg. Continue reading

Special case. Labus needs help

labus 2Labus was taken in our care to investigate the ‘wound that keeps appearing every year’ his owner told us of. 

After shaving and cleaning the wound, it seems to be an old bite wound that formed two conected holes ( the saline that went in one hole, got out the other) that keeps getting infected. As a result of the ultrasounds and xrays, Labus also has a metal plate in his leg from an old surgery that didn’t heal properly because the of the reaction of the bone to the metal. New bone deposition appeared and possibly, osteomyelitis. Continue reading

News regarding Cora

cora 2It seems like that little Cora may be lucky. The X rays showed that she has “L3 vertebral body fracture stabilization with secondary process of callus deposition which shows an older injury. No degree of lateralization or overlap”
A MRiI of the L3 region as reccomended. We will see when we can do this investigation.
At the moment, Cora receives lots of treatment and affection. Continue reading

Bick needs a family.

bickSmall sized, young (~6 months) and very handsome, the little puppy needs a home. Life on the streets is not for him. Today he was cornered by some large agresive dogs and was only rescued by a kind lady. Little Bick was taken in our care and will be cleaned and treated.
If you like him and wish to adopt, please contact us: asociatia.robi@gmail.com Continue reading

Lidia needs help

Lidia“As you all know, I found a puppy tonight on my way home, says Laura, our volunteer. She was abandoned in a cardboard box with a blanket. She had some water and a piece of bread inside the box. The bad part is she also has a broken leg..she was probably hit and placed in this box next to a high traffic road..in the night..on this freezing weather.”
Continue reading

Forgive us for we couldn’t help you more.

catel lovitSunday evening, as we were returning from the shelter, a dog was hit by a car right in front of us. The driver didn’t slow down, nor stop to see what happened to the dog that crossed the street a bit too slow, following his owner.
We stopped and tried to catch him. What shocked us the most were the people’s reactions. An old lady kindly advised “Hit him, honey, kick him”. Others tried to shoo and kick him as well. Everyone saw the accident happen. His “ówner” refused to help us catch him because she saw the dog’s agony as sign for rabies.. Continue reading

Special case. Tresh needs your help.

treshBad weather caught this mom of four pups on an open field. A big hearted person visited them everyday, fed them and made them a small shelter. Unfortunately, three of the puppies died and because she feared for the life of the fourth one, their protector asked for our help. The mom and pup were taken in our care and hospitalized at dr Bercaru’s clinic. The puppy was released today and taken to the shelter but his old mom stayed for she needs a surgery. As you can see, she has a tumor that needs to be removed. Today is a big day because the anesthesic is a high risk for this old lady. Please keep her in your prayers for she needs all of your kind thoughts. Continue reading