I am paralysed Vika and cannot understand a thing

vikaI am Vika, a street dog who had wondered the streets of Targoviste city and got hit by a car. I thought I will die but I wasn’t that “lucky”. I crawled because I couldn’t use my back legs and I received food from strangers. I don’t know how much I would have resisted like that. Thankfully, someone found me and tried to help. Magda T. is my guardian angel and I thank her for her help. If it wasn’t for her calls to friends and animal rescue associations, maybe today I was already gone. Continue reading

Vika between adoption and euthanasia

vikaSomewhere in Romania, in Targoviste city, a little street dog we named Vika ended up with a broken spine and cannot move his back legs, one does not know why. We can only assume that the tragedy happened from a car accident. The gentile little girl ended up crawling on the straits.
Someone asked for our help and the dog was taken over by us and hospitalized at dr. Bercaru’s veterinary clinic.
Her situation is very clear, she will never walk again and in order to survive she will need special conditions and a lot of care.
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Vanessa needs financial help

vanessaVanessa is a puppy that was abandoned near our shelter after suffering a head injury:
We will probably never know what happened and how she got to be hit in the head.
Her problem took a long time to heal and she was in a lot of pain but recovered thanks to the wonderful lady that decided to foster her.

Vanessa was treated and hospitalized at City Vet and then had a surgery at dr Bercaru’s clinic. Continue reading

Dustin needs help

dustinDustin arrived in our care after a call for help. The tomcat had an old and difficult hernia that was not impossible to solve by dr Aurora Sasu. He had a surgery and is feeling very well.
Now he hopes to be adopted by a family of his own whom to love.
If you wish to adopt Dustin, please contact us:
asociatia.robi@gmail.com Continue reading

Lisa needs financial support

lisaLisa has been in our care since she was born, 12 years ago. Lately, we noticed she was having problems urinating so we took her to the vet for a check up. The ultrasound revealed the cause of our old lady’s discomfort. Two large stones were causing her great pain and the only option was surgery. Considering her age, we had to run some blood tests which also showed that she is quite healthy despite the current problem.

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Marty/ Otto needs help

Marty was taken in our care last month after we were asked to help in his case

He was hospitalized at dr Bercaru’s clinic and his chances of survival were close to 0. He had a broken jaw and skull, could not feed himself and could not stand. The doctors didn’t give him many chances but tried thier best to save him and it looks like it was worth it.

After 41 days of hospitalization, where Marty/Otto (change of name for change of luck) was give IV treatment, had a surgery, was artifiacially fed and handfed with high quality food, he finally began feeding on his own. Continue reading

URGENT! 5 puppies need your help!

cei 3Today, we received this message:
“4 puppies that can barely eat on their own have been abandoned this morning near Selgros Pantelimon. One of them is in critical state.
They have been discovered by a SMURD team.
If you are in the area and can foster them for a few days, please contact us: 0746 469 045.
They are still outside in the rain.”

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