Greaty between life/adoption and euthanasia as final solution

greatyGreaty is the female dog from Ciocanesti locality which gave birth to 5 puppies and unfortunately as a result of an accident she remained paralyzed.

Greaty and her puppies were taken in our care and she has been hospitalized at the Dr. Brercaru Vet Clinic where her spine has been recently operated. Unfortunately, she will remain paralyzed for the rest of her life. Greaty has been hospitalized for some time and she can not stay forever there. Greaty needs to be adopted urgently otherwise she risks being put to sleep. We already have two dogs in her situation and we are not able to take care for one more; Continue reading

Shocking and horrible case

caz specialRecently we received a help call for a dog with tree puppies, unfortunately one of them badly injured. It was impossible to stay away from this case even though we don’t know where to house them at the moment.
Last night only two of the cubs arrived at dr. Bercaru’s Veterinarian Clinic with. The mother and the third cub couldn’t be found. We hope to receive them soon. The family was living near the city dump hole in Ploiesti
The both cubs are females, one of them has demodectic mange and a hernia and the other little girl has a horribly wounded nose, an opened phalange fracture at one paw and an opened tibia fracture at another paw. Continue reading