She had not moved from that place for at least three days – Relya

That place is in Bucharest behind a bus stop. Many people passed by, but no one bothered to even look at the doggy.
Almost no one bothered to check if she was ok, almost no one gave her a piece of bread and certainly no one gave her a sip of water.
I say almost no one, because Aurelia, our caretaker who happens to pass this place on her way back home, noticed her, gave her to eat whatever she had in her bag, she poured her some water in a glass and today she told me that a dog was starving.
Today we also went together to check up on her. We found her at the same place, gentle, quiet and hopeless.
She was glad that we paid her attention, I noticed that he shad problems in one of her paws that was swollen and unfunctional, so we took her with us.
Now she’s safe, she’ll be taken to the clinic tomorrow where she’ll be checked up and treated.
We will come back with news about her after we find out if her paw can be fixed.
We’ll call her Relya.

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One more tomcat in distress was picked up

Today I received a new request for help for a kitty in distress. The tomcat is crying, is in pain and is moving with dificulty. VIDEO HERE

Today he was also checked in the Dr. Bercaru Clinic. The X-ray shows that he has a fractured pelvis, so he will remain hospitalized for some time. When possible he will be castrated. Albeata, that’s the cat’s name, usually hangs around a public institution and once he recovers he will be adopted and taken home by one of the company’s employees, more precisely by the one who asked us for help for him. There is also an adult female cat we are going to sterilize next week. And she will come to our shelter together with Albeata, after she gets sterilized.

Remember that we need your help and support, so that we can help them in our turn.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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The second cat found in a serious condition

Here is the second cat found in a situation similar to the one found 10 days ago.
In her case the analyzes show that she is in a very bad state of health.
As with the other, the situation is very serious. She can still keep her head up unlike the other one who couldn’t even do that, but that’s all she can do.
The cat has been on an IV round the clock like the other, but we do not know what chance of survival she has. Continue reading

My name is Skip and I haven’t had any luck in my life

89597235_3578137968925400_8467843523771629568_oMy name is Skip and I haven’t had any luck in life, or maybe I have and I can’t figure that out yet.

Sometime around 2013 I was a street dog, a puppy at the time, and it was hard for me to get a piece of bread. I went to thick and thin, I got into fights with bigger dogs, which left me with a non-functional limb and someone who took pity on me asked Robi to help me.


That’s how I got to Robi but I remained wary of everything that moves, so it was hard for them to help me. Continue reading