Why are there stray dogs and cats at all?

dogcat-home smallMain cause for the existence of stray cats and dogs is the uncontrolled breeding of owned pets! To be more precise, most pet owners in Romania do not neuter their animals and when these breed in excess, owners choose abbandoning them. Once on the streets, the abbandoned animals continue breeding, therefore the stray animals problem turning into impossible to solve, no matter what measures are taken only against these animals.

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What can we do about it?

sterilizeaza_smallTaking into account what we know so far, we consider our priority to neuter as many pets that have an owner as possible, therefore stopping the abandon of unwanted dog and cat babies.

We definitely claim that neutering the owned dogs we efficiently use the donations we get. As you might have noticed, many of the dogs and cats that don’t have an owner end tragically, even of neutered. Continue reading

Why is it wise to spay and neuter animals and when is the proper time to do it?

clinic_smallAccording to the most recent and extensive medical research:

Mammary tumors are three times more frequent  for the bitch than the woman. Among which, 53% prove to be malign for the bitch and 90% for the cat.

Compared to the non spayed bitches, the ones that are spayed before the first estrus (occurring at about  7-9 months) have a risk of mammary cancer diminished by 200 %, and for the bitches spayed after the first estrus the risk is 12,5%  lower. Continue reading

“Doggie, doggie” Association, The Association for Animal Protection “ROBI”, The “Take-me-home” Association, The Caleidoscop Community Development Association, The “You are not alone” Association, The “Doggie-Dog” Foundation, The National Federation for Animal Protection and the Romanian Federation for Animal Control and Protection invite you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 9:00AM at a rally

Purpose: To speed up the debate and implementation of the legislative project that modifies OUG 155/2001 regarding the handling of homeless dogs, which anticipates the construction of shelters for dogs, cats and large animals, the sterilization and release of homeless animals, the identification, registration and sterilization of animals who have owners. 
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The ROBI Association invites you Monday, April 13, 2009 between the hours of 12:30 and 16:30 in front of Bucharest City Hall

The ROBI Association invites you Monday, April 13, 2009 between the hours of 12:30 and 16:30 in front of Bucharest City Hall, in a show of support for the only measures capable of solving the problem of homeless dogs and cats. Sorin Oprescu, the Mayor General, understood the situation related to this problem and chose the option most beneficial to the citizens of Bucharest. He is also the first mayor in Romania who wishes to solve this problem. Guess who opposed the ONG proposal that matches the intentions of the Mayor? Precisely those who should have supported it: the general councilmen.
Q: Do you have an idea who stands to benefit from the presence of homeless animals in the streets?
A: Those responsible for the management of homeless dogs.

Bucharest = a fortunate city regarding the path taken for the protection of animals

Bucharest = a fortunate city regarding the path taken for the protection of animals
Oprescu= a decisive mayor, unlike any other
Noutati demersuri autoritatiToday, February 23, 2009, a debate on the proposed decision regarding the detainment and population control for dogs and cats in the municipality of Bucharest took place at City Hall. Those who participated in the debate were individuals interested in the acute problems related to companion animals in general, namely:
– the issue of dogs who have owners, yet, because they are allowed to breed and the offspring are dumped onto public property creates the second problem:
– the issue of homeless dogs
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The homeless dogs problem

Could it be that the homeless dog problem is unsolvable in the 21st Century? Absolutely not!
It would be easy to solve if:
– the authorities would want to solve it
– no owner of companion animals would abandon a dog or cat
– animal lovers would direct their efforts towards understanding this apparently unsolvable problem, so as to mobilize efforts and obtain real results
– the program of “spay/neuter & release” vehemently supported by certain foundations for animal protection CAN NOT solve the homeless animals problem without measures taken to also prevent and stop abandonment Continue reading