Free neutering in District 2

castrazaWe inform you that on September 8th, 15th and  22nd 2012 you can neuter FOR FREE dogs with or without owners if you live in sector 2, Bucharest. To be scheduled, call 0737 029 796 or 0763 198 100.

Please reserve your time to neuter all doggies around your condos, so no other unwanted puppies will be born into a life full of shortages and sufference.

27th of July. Donate a can. AdoPET. Robi Association thanks you

donatiiOn behalf of our proteges, we thank to all the ones that came on Sat. the 27th of July in the Obor Park to donate for the animals in our care.
With your help we managed to gather 290 lei, food for 180 dogs for 1 day and food for cats for 3-4 days.
We wait for you at the future editions ‘Donate a can’ and ‘Adopet’ and hopefully at your departure you will return home with one family member in plus.

Meeting at the General City Hall on Thursday, July 11, 2013, for the dismissal of the ASPA leaders

Thursday, July 11, 2013, between 12.00 and 14.00, the organizations for the protection of animals and representatives of the civil society that care for animals are organizing the protest meeting at the City Hall, demanding that the leaders of the Authority for Surveillance and Protection of animals should be dismissed.
The term of office for the present leadership is expiring in August, and we want it not to be extended. We are specifically referring to the terms of office of Mr. Treeroiu Bogdan for the position of General Director of the Authority, the terms of office of the project directors Razvan Bancescu and Ancuta Claudiu – they all should not be kept anymore in their positions. Continue reading

Message to the Bucharest City Hall

Dear Bucharest Mayor,

When will we be able to congratulate you like we congratulated the Mayor of Oradea on his initiative?

Oradea City Hall announced it will promote a regulation concerning the neutering/spaying of dogs on private and public property during a local council meeting on October 23. According to this regulation, owners whose pets are 6 months or older will be required to neuter/spay their animals, with the following exceptions:

1. Dogs unable to undergo surgery for medical reasons

2. Working dogs assisting disabled individuals

3.   If the dog owner pays a $100 yearly fee per dog. This money will be used to support dogs in local shelters. Continue reading

Why are there stray dogs and cats at all?

dogcat-home smallMain cause for the existence of stray cats and dogs is the uncontrolled breeding of owned pets! To be more precise, most pet owners in Romania do not neuter their animals and when these breed in excess, owners choose abbandoning them. Once on the streets, the abbandoned animals continue breeding, therefore the stray animals problem turning into impossible to solve, no matter what measures are taken only against these animals.

Continue reading

What can we do about it?

sterilizeaza_smallTaking into account what we know so far, we consider our priority to neuter as many pets that have an owner as possible, therefore stopping the abandon of unwanted dog and cat babies.

We definitely claim that neutering the owned dogs we efficiently use the donations we get. As you might have noticed, many of the dogs and cats that don’t have an owner end tragically, even of neutered. Continue reading

Why is it wise to spay and neuter animals and when is the proper time to do it?

clinic_smallAccording to the most recent and extensive medical research:

Mammary tumors are three times more frequent  for the bitch than the woman. Among which, 53% prove to be malign for the bitch and 90% for the cat.

Compared to the non spayed bitches, the ones that are spayed before the first estrus (occurring at about  7-9 months) have a risk of mammary cancer diminished by 200 %, and for the bitches spayed after the first estrus the risk is 12,5%  lower. Continue reading