Thank you for the help! Shelter 5th of October 2013

adapost 5 octDear friends,
You have helped us once more to repair something at the dog shelter! Many thanks to everyone that donated money, food or materials, many thanks to the new and hearty volunteers, many thanks to the people that adopted at distance and came to visit their dogs and contributed as well! 🙂

It was a beautiful day, the weather was good and we managed to do a lot, we put the tin on some of the shelters and we covered the holes from the others, we put new hay, we fed the dogs, we cleaned the place, we spoiled them…a very busy day! Thank you once more and we would like for you to keep supporting us and our proteges, because we still have a lot to do before the winter comes.

If you want to keep supporting our proteges, you could do it by donating to the following account:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi (Robi Association for Animal Protection)
CIF 13765439 BCR 2
RON Account: BCR 2 RO16RNCB0073049952070001
EURO Account: BCR 2 RO05RNCB0073049952070005
USD Account: BCR 2 RO32RNCB0073049952070004
Or by using the PayPal online service (available

Thank you once more for the help you are offering to the animals we are taking care of.