Take a look and help if you want and can

adapost If you don’t know how we operate on a daily basis and how we manage to rescue and take care of the dogs we took in, take a look in this album.

Our shelter is improvised on a field. We cannot build anything on the land because we do not own it, so we do our best to find other ways to aid our animals.

We truly wish we could build a proper shelter, where the little fellows would feel a lot better, would have space to run and wouldn’t have to endure the coldness in the winter and the unbearable heat in the summer.

Given our financial state, we cannot even begin to dream about that. With the amount of money resulted from the donations and the 2% income-tax we receive, we are never going to build the shelter we want for them.

In this case, a sponsorship would be the key. As you know, companies that pay taxes for their profits have the option to sponsor NGO-s (non-governmental organization), to whom they can offer 20% of the annual tax paid on profits up to 0.3% the company turnover. This sum is deductible on the mentioned tax.

Below you can read the law article that establishes these rules:

METHODOLOGICAL NORMS from January 22, 2004 for applying the Law no. 571/2003, regarding the Tax Code: 

Art. 21: Expenses

p)sponsorship expenses and/or corporate patronage agreement and private scholarship expenses, granted according to the law; tax payers who grant sponsorship and/or corporate patronage agreement, according to no. 32/1994 law stipulations regarding sponsorship, with further amendments, and Libraries Law no. 334/2002, republished, with further amendments and additions, also those who grant private scholarships, according to the law, get the amounts in question deducted, if the total amount of expenses cumulatively meets the following


1.It’s in the 0.3% limit of the company turnover

2.It doesn’t exceed 20% of the tax paid on profits

The limits are also valid for public libraries sponsorship expenses, restaurant building expenses, facilities, IT acquisitions and specific documents, funding continuous training programs for libraries, specialists exchange, specialization scholarships, international congresses attendance

(01-Jan-2007 part 35^I modified by Art. I, paragraph (B), no. 14. in Government Resolution 1861/2006)”

If you want to and can help by SPONSORING us, please contact us: asociatia.robi@gmail.com.

We give thanks in advance to those who will give our little fellows the chance to a better life.