DSC_0544Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 2017
Neutered: YES

Today we present to you Bagel .. the curly-tailed tomcat. Yes, it is true he is one of a kind, resembling only some doggies.
In addition to this unique feature, he has a white bowtie around his neck and is ready to dot all the Is with the tip of his tail.
How do we go about finding his family? Will you email us to

He has been waiting for a while now, so we hope you will help him by at least promoting his story.
He is part of a case in which 12 kittens and one of their mothers were abandoned somewhere in Bucharest in a hermetically sealed suitcase and box. One lady heard them crying, she took the courage to open the suitcase and the box and at first glance everyone seemed dead, because no one was moving. Then they started moving one by one and after recovering from the shock, the lady who found them called us asking for our help. Not all the kittens survived, but Bagel was lucky to make it.

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